Wi-Fi Professional Weather Center

Our new Remote Monitoring Weather Station features wind, rain, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity data, daily high and low temperature records, dynamic forecast icons, and a new Wi-Fi connected option, which will allow you to see all of your sensor data in our new La Crosse View app.


  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity

  • Outdoor Trend Indicators

  • Daily High/Low Outdoor Temperature Records

  • Feels Like and Dew Point

  • High and Low Records with Time Stamp

  • Seasonal Trees Change Every 3 Months

  • Current and Top Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • History Records with Time Stamp

  • Time Frame Selectable

  • History Records

  • 12/24 Hour Setting

  • Displays Day of the Week, Month, Date & Year

  • Perpetual Calendar: Date, Month, & Full Day

  • Guided Settings Menu

  • Low Battery Indicator for Each Included Sensor

  • 5 Settings LCD Brightness

  • Sensor Connection Indicator

  • Wifi Connection Indicator

  • Wall Hanging or Adjustable Kickstand for Free Standing Option

  • Individual ID's for each sensor

All Your Weather at a Glance from your home's display or When your On-The-Go

Monitor Wind, Rain, with Temperature/Humidity with Alerts

  • Combination Wind/Rain sensor detects Wind speed with Direction and measures rainfall accumulation

  • Spinning wind cups and wind vane (mph/km)

  • Rain funnel (inch/mm) with self-emptying rain vents

  • Programmable alerts warn you of extreme HI/LO temps, humidity, 24hr rainfall, & High wind speed

  • Sensor search button (identifiable IDs per sensor)

  • Wireless sensors update indoor display within seconds


Plan Outdoor Events with Confidence

  • Dynamic color weather forecast icons with seasonal foliage changes

  • Outdoor temperature range down to -40 F up to 140 F (-40 C to 60 C)

  • ENHANCEMENTS using WIFI connection: NWS additional forecast icons (T-storm, Snow, Fog, Ice and more); Chance of precipitation; Daily HI's & LO's

  • GET CONNECTED: Using the La Crosse View app monitor your home's environment, view history graphics and data, set HI/LO alert notifications and more

  • MORE AND MORE: Add-on extra sensors to expand coverage and view remotely (see La Crosse Technology for more information)


Longer Transmission Range with Wireless sensors

  • 915 Mhz transmission frequency

  • 400 ft (121m) wireless range to indoor display (obstructions, such as walls, trees, windows will reduce distance)

  • LTV-TH3 Thermo-Hygrometer Sensor requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

  • LTV-WR1 Multi Sensor requires 3 AA batteries (not included) to store power collected by solar panel

  • Included 5v power adapter powers weather station; (optional, not included) backup for power loss requires 3 AA alkaline batteries