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La Crosse Technology S82967

Wireless Digital Personal Weather Station

Your home's personal meteorologist is now right at your fingertips! Check your backyard temperature and humidity while getting ready for work with La Crosse Technology's wireless color weather station. Be informed of extreme changes in the climate with its programmable alerts and recorded history with time and date stamp. Audio and visual warning icons detects when value is reached. Features full calendar view and multi-color dynamic display and trends. Included weather resistant wireless sensor transmits within 300 ft. range. Versatile display can stand on table or hang on a wall and display features auto-dimming option.

La Crosse Technology C85845

Wireless Color Weather Station

The display unit that comes with the La Crosse Technology C85845 utilizes colorful weather icons, which is a signature feature of La Crosse Technology weather stations. These icons are easy to see and they are a great way to teach children about the weather. Weather Station has both indoor and outdoor comfort level indicators that use humidity and temperature information to determine comfort. These indicators will help you stay nice and cozy in your home and avoid going out when the weather is not so nice.Many people love to keep the display by the bed so they can monitor the weather. Having this alarm will help you get up on time and never be late for work again!

La Crosse Technology 308-1414B

Wireless Color Weather Station

La Crosse Technology is a common and well-known brand that produces weather stations and sensors, and the 308-1414B-INT weather station is one of the company's best products.That reports precise and real-time values on its bright colored display. The weather forecasts are animated and easy to understand without much professional knowledge.Trends are also displayed, which indicates the changes in various parameters. You can monitor the inner and outer values with settings to alert you of the highest and lowest measurements recorded each day.You can also set alerts to receive notifications when any of the elements are in the preferred range limit so that you can make necessary adjustments.

La Crosse Technology V40A-PRO

Complete Personal Remote Monitoring Weather Station

The wireless La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT hosts all the necessary features to provide complete information about every weather parameter near your area. You can face the unpredictability of the weather with a smile by using this weather station.The display includes a dynamic and vibrant color display with several forecast icons that show what kind of weather to expect on that day.You also get personalized values of the wind, rain, indoor-outdoor temperature, pressure, and more in real-time.

La Crosse Technology S81120

Wireless Combo Weather Station

Don’t be surprised by changing conditions in and outside of your home. The latest Wireless Weather Station from La Crosse Technology lets you plan your day with confidence. It’s like having a personal meteorologist right in your home. The new Breeze Sensor™ monitors outdoor wind direction and speed, as well as temperature, humidity, and dew point. Customizable wind speed alerts let you keep patio furniture in place. The versatile mounting bracket makes setting up your La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station a breeze. An extended transmission range gives you the option to place it up to 300 feet from the Wireless Weather Station.

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Our market leading wireless weather products make it easier than ever to receive up-to-the-minute weather data & alerts.


Our dedication to precision and reliability sets us apart from our competition. Our strict standards ensure that we are delivering the most accurate weather data available.

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From USB charging to Bluetooth capabilities to Wi-Fi connectablity, our product line is constantly being developed to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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All of our atomic products are calibrated daily by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to ensure we are delivering the most precise time to our customers.